Is This the End of the Private Real Estate Investor Era?

Are you a real estate investor? Have you noticed a frightening shift in the real estate market lately. Yes, houses and foreclosures are selling, but who is buying them?

With the uncertainty in the stock market, hedge funds and investment firms are snatching up the bargain priced houses before the private investors even get a chance to get in there. They see the potential for real estate investment and they are latching onto it. They are holding on to the houses in huge lots and renting them out. And with their massive funds, they can outbid a small time investor every time.

According to The Wall Street Journal, "The era of mom-and-pop real estate investors is quickly coming to an end.” Some of these huge organizations are even buying out whole streets and neighborhoods. If it hasn't started happening in your neighborhood yet, don't be surprised if you see it soon.

Do you know how to compete or even just survive as an investor in a market dominated by huge organizations?

I found a great source of information on how to not just survive, but thrive in the coming real estate market. 

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Important Information

Important Information
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